More Story Ideas…

I went for a haircut yesterday, and my “stylist” (barber? haircutter?) and I were chatting about my job for a NASA lab. We were talking about “ancient astronaut” theories, and I deride those who think that just because they, personally, couldn’t have built, say, a pyramid, then aliens must have done it. She agreed with me, and added that those who say that stories of angels were actually based on alien sightings were equally misguided. I said nothing. She said that of course we had a celestial realm, just as surely as the Egyptians had engineers, and that it was silly to put it all down to aliens.

Made me think. If there’s a celestial realm, there’s also an infernal realm. It stands to “reason.” And if there are aliens (and she believes in aliens, as do I – why would we be the only ones? Even if intelligent life is a one-in-a-trillion chance, there are way more than a trillion candidate planets out there)… if there are aliens, do they have their own celestial and infernal realms? And do we share said realms? Or are their angels as alien to our angels as the aliens are to us? And what would our demons think of their demons?

And, of course, if they have their own transcendent realms, do they have their own creators? Is the presumed creator of the Universe really just a local creator? There would then be all sorts of creators out there? What would they think of one another? Would they each claim to have created everything? I suppose that a creator god would say they created everything that mattered. After all, didn’t the god of the bible start out as the god simply of a mountain? And then used Moses to expand his reach and compete against the dominant franchise of the time, the Egyptian gods?

Talk about disruption!