The Crown – Liberalism and Conservatism Defined

I don’t think I’ve seen a better short definition of Liberalism and Conservatism than in the episode of The Crown, Fagan (Season 4, Episode 5). This is the one where this guy, Michael Fagan, sneaks into Buckingham Palace not once but twice, and has a short audience with the Queen before he is arrested.

I wish I had the script, because it is brilliant (as is the performance by Tom Brooke!). In the scene, he says that Thatcher took away England’s sense of community, where you could fail, get sick, get old, and not face ruin. In the scene after, where Thatcher speaks to the Queen and says this is outdated. That there is no such thing as “society”, that all we are are individuals and families, and that the threat of ruin is what keeps us going.

Should really find the text. I asked for the script and was denied.

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